Inert Atmosphere Gloveboxes 

Our brand-new gloveboxes are equipped with freezers, vacuum lines, and feedthroughs for CV electrodes. With our dedicated SPS and many Schlenk lines graduate and undergraduate students can efficiently and easily explore new chemical reactions. 

Single Crystal X-ray Diffractometery

The Pranckevicius Group owns and maintians a D8 QUEST ECO for single crystal structure determination. Undergraduate and graduate students in the group routinely collect and solve their own crystal structures. For external use, please contact Professor Pranckevicius directly.

EPR Spectrometry

The Pranckevicius group has recently added a Bruker ESR5000 for collection of X-band EPR spectra of organic radicals.

Multinuclear NMR

Our departmental walk-up 400 equipped with a Varian ATB probe allows the sensitive detection of heteronuclei from 14N-31P. Variable temperature capability allows the study of fluctional molecules and the determination of reaction kinetics.


Our Shimadzu variable temperature capable UV-Vis spectrometer allows us to study reaction kinetics of paramagnetic transition metal complexes.

Also available within the Chemistry Department @UBCO: ATR IR, air-free fluorimetry, Raman, HRMS (ESI).