Prof. Conor Pranckevicius

Conor earned his Ph.D degree from the University of Toronto in 2016 in the group of Professor Douglas Stephan, performing carbene-centred research with a focus on designing new efficient catalysts for olefin hydrogenation and metathesis. During this time, Conor visited in the group of Professor Guy Bertrand at University of California San Diego as an exchange student, where he explored the reactivity of new carbene-stabilized carbon(0) species. In 2017, he joined the group of Professor Holger Braunschweig at the Julius-Maximilians University of Würzburg in Bavaria, Germany as an Alexander von Humboldt and NSERC sponsored post-doctoral fellow. His current research interests include the synthesis and application of new low-valent boron-based molecules in challenging bond activations and catalysis.

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Graduate Students

For Masters and Ph.D level research opportunities beginning spring/fall 2023, motivated students are encouraged to contact Conor at with their CV and unofficial transcripts.

Vigneshkumar P N

MSc Student (2022 - )

Degrees: BSc in Chemistry from Mahatma Gandhi University Kerala, India (2021)

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